Find dishes that may help prevent or manage chronic conditions

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60% of American adults have preventable chronic conditions

Once acquired, chronic conditions change our lives. We believe finding dishes that can help us prevent or manage chronic conditions should be easy.

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Curated by top-of-the-line AI

We use the most advanced AI model available to assess each item on menus — the kind of quality we would want for ourselves.

Please note that while strive for highest quality possible, 100% accuracy is not guaranteed due to uncontrollable factors like how food is prepared.

Built by people who care

We are experienced technologists with expertise in AI, software, and healthcare, coming from places like Boston Consulting Group and Johns Hopkins University.

We ourselves have loved ones suffering from chronic conditions or near-chronic conditions like prediabetes, which 97.6 million Americans have. We know what it's like to go from menu to menu to find one dish that looks okay.

If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to contact our founder, David, directly by clicking here.

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